Soooooo, slight setback out here.  I was coming off a pick and roll and making a move toward the basket when I was fouled, causing me to slip.  My entire lower left leg bent inward as my knee slammed into the ground.   Needless to say, it hurt.

I hopped up and off the court cursing, furious that I had to sustain an injury at such a bad time.  My immediate post trauma treatment consisted of the old guy who fills our water bottles brining me two ice cubes in a plastic bag and some saran wrap.  That’s about as good as the care gets out here.  Then the manager tried to get me to stand on one leg to determine where it hurt, and it took a lot for me to not snap at him.  I then had to take a 30 min drive just to see the trainer, who used one poke and one twist to make his diagnosis of the problem.  (both of which caused shooting pain) It literally toke about 10 seconds.  I asked if I needed an MRI, and he assured me that I did not, and that he has seen this injury a million times.  Great.

I was about to begin practicing with the first division club, which was to be my first opportunity to show them what I could do.  Now they say that will have to wait 10 days to 6 weeks because I have strained my MCL.  It is already feeling significantly better than the day it happened, so I am hopeful it will only be a week or so.  At first I was beyond depressed about the whole situation, but now I have realized that there is nothing I can do about it but rest and hope for the best.  MCL injuries are not that serious.  Apparently, even when you sustain a complete tear they do not require surgery.  I feel at this point that if there was an important game to play I could tape it up, pop some pills and make it through, so it can’t be that bad.

I went today to see the trainer, and all he did was hook me up to some stim and walk away, then he came back and gave ultrasound. All my Harvard people know how i feel about these treatments. Total BS. You have to go to school to learn how to put some pads on my knee and rub around a little gel?  At least make me stand up and move around so you can see how I am functioning as a whole. how my knee feels getting bent while I am lying on my back does not tell the whole story.

Oh ya, there was another device he used on me that looked kind of like the ultrasound.  I asked what it was and he said it was a lazer. Hmmm a lazer, great. I asked what it did, an all he said was “it helps.” Thaaaaanks. It did not feel like anything by the way. If i was paying for this treatment i would be pretty pissed.

This is working out all wrong.  I am supposed to step in if the first division players get hurt. What’s weird is, I have never suffered an on court injury that caused me to miss significant time in my life.  I never missed a game to injury my whole high school or college career.  And now, in my second practice as a professional, I hurt my knee. Just bad luck I guess.  Maybe everything happens for a reason and this is somehow a blessing in disguise.  I haven’t really figured out yet how that might be, but I’ll come up with something.

At least throughout all this my cooking game has not suffered.  I am the master at making any of the following: fried potatoes, fried meat, and scrambled eggs. Throw some cheese and salt on any of those things and I am all set. I can also boil just about anything.  Add in some fruit and that is pretty much my diet.

Anyway time to go watch practice and see what this Jeremy Tyler kid is all about.  Also curious to see if Davon Jefferson remembers me from the beatdown me and ARC gave his AAU team back in the day.



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