No Love Lost for Cornell

In light of last nights game I feel like I need to talk about the Harvard-Cornell rivalry for a quick second.  So here is my bitter, crimson tainted rant:

Cornell has maintained a special place on my enemies list from the very first game I played against them.  It was up in Ithaca and we had just beat a solid Columbia team.  We were a veteran laden squad poised to challenge Penn for the league title.  It was a back and forth game the whole way.  We were up 7 with 5 minutes left, when Lenny Collins, some washed up dude with a Jew-fro, somehow summoned the inner Reggie Miller no one knew he had and single-handedly brought them back.  We had the ball and were milking the clock for one shot.  We tried to run a handoff, a Cornell player broke it up, the ball went flying out of bounds, and the ref made an extremely dubious call in rewarding Cornell the possession.  Their final play, if my memory serves me well, went something like this:  pass, pass, pass, dribble aimlessly, turn around, get stuck, pass, pass, heave a desperation 3 from the deep corner, hit the SIDE of the backboard, have ball bounce directly to hands of Cornell big guy, hit lay up, game over.  It was terrible.  Maybe if me and both of our All Ivy big guys hadn’t fouled out it would have been a different story.

So, that dropped us to 4-2 in league and set off a collapse of epic proportions.  We lost our next 7 straight games.  Our losing streak could be blamed on not having the right chemistry, lacking a good offense, and a possessing a half-hearted commitment to defense.  But I like to blame Cornell, their lucky three’s and their hometown refs.

There was something like 3 blowouts the rest of my games against Cornell, but I feel like all the rest were highly competitive.  We had many a battle over my 4 years, and there was always something extra important about the Cornell games.  I personally always looked forward to my match ups with Louis Dale.  I felt like he was my competition for top dog point guard in the league.  We always guarded each other, and it was usually an intense duel with both people making big plays.  In a brief respite from my Big Red Hating I will admit that I really respect his game.

Anyway, my favorite Cornell memory was definitely from my sophomore year.  We had the ball down 1 with about 8 seconds left.  I brought it up and was unexpectedly facing some sort of zone.  My penetration got stopped and all I could do was look to fire a pass to Evan Harris under the basket.  Problem was, there was a guy right in front of him.  There was no time left and I had no shot, so I took my chances bouncing a pass toward the baseline.  The second it left my hand I knew it was a sure turnover.  Yet, inexplicably, it went between the defenders legs, into Evan’s hands, and he made a lay up with a second left to win it.  I absolutely love getting lucky. (Unnecessary update just for the hell of it: A close win on my senior night with JLin and I both dropping 20 was probably the more all around satisfying  memory I have of playing Cornell.)

As for last night, I didn’t watch it, but from what I can gather it was an admirable effort from an injury plagued Harvard squad.  I still maintain my man Jeremy needs to shoot more.  You’re telling me he couldn’t have gone for 40 that game if he really wanted to? Come on. It is also great to see such a huge, supportive student section that I am sure was more inventive and knowledgeable than their Cornell counterpart.  Don’t get me wrong, the people up in Ithaca make great fans and they are loud beyond belief, but I don’t recall anything particularly funny or creative about them.

In closing, 5 years ago I was sure that Harvard was going to be the team that broke up the Penn-Princeton stranglehold.  Since that didn’t materialize the next logical thing to do is hold a lifelong grudge against the team that broke through, correct?  No? Well that is what I’m gonna do, and when a young, hungry Harvard annihilates Cornell by a combined 87 points next season there will be a bitter former player in a foreign country somewhere with a content smile on his face.


15 thoughts on “No Love Lost for Cornell”

  1. hahahahah why are all these Cornell fans even reading your blog??? cause you’re more talented than they will ever be

  2. and if memory serves me right, it was your boy Evan Harris that committed that goaltend. Pretty sure you had a crucial turnover somewhere in there too

  3. actually, the best moment was in 2008 at Levietes when you guys were up 5 and almost no time left on the clock. I’m sure you remember well…

    Tyler hits a 2, Cornell forces a Harvard turnover, Tyler hits another shot thanks to a moronic Harvard goaltend, Cornell forces a 5 second inbound violation, then Tyler hits an uncontested layup off a fake screen for Wittman…for the win!!

  4. umm… don’t know if you saw what happened the last couple years when cornell played harvard. yea… you guys lost. the 46 point loss earlier this season was especially competitive. Remember getting mobbed as we clinched the perfect ivy league season on our home floor with a blowout 3 years ago? oh yea… that’s right. Good thing you were there to see it happen. No wonder you’re bitter.

  5. Drew, what are you going to do after your basketball career fizzles out? You should stay in Israel and help them rebuild after every rocket attack. They’ll need bricklayers for that, and judging from your career at Harvard, you seem to be particularly adept at hoisting those bricks.

  6. Mannnnn …. you continue to take losses even in the college afterlife … get used to it, you should be. … No need to to vent

    – On behalf of Cornell University

  7. maybe you should’ve let puuuuuuussarrrrrrr run more point, you guys couldn’t have done worse than with you at point

  8. 4 years, and you never even sniffed an Ivy title. wow

    6th, 6th, 7th, 6th…

    I believe that is how the four Drew Housman led Harvard teams placed your four years.

  9. You wish you were as good as Lenny Collins. So does Evan Harris.

    As Mark Titus would say, keep letting Louis and Ryan moisterize your face with their wet Js

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