Term Update

I finally went back and looked through the comments on my first Term post. Two people posted music videos asking if the Term I was talking about was the one in the video. I didn’t even bother looking at them. I assumed there was no way Term was a rapper. I just couldn’t see it.

Well, lo and behold, Term is an aspiring hip hop artist. He goes by ‘El Jefe.’ I had to look that up to see it was spanish for The Boss. Kind of apropos that he would go with a Rick Ross esque name after clearly being inspired by the Boss’ beard.

The videos are noted for their stunning picture quality and their utter lack of originality. If I have seen a video with a rapper in a fitted cap posing next to a car once I have seen it a thousand times.

This first video features Term grunting lines like “I’ll run up on you, with the homie al/ f*&k that little groucho, he’ll pat you down.” I have never known an intimidating Al or Groucho. Then there’s the bold decision to abruptly end the song and leave the entire final half as blackness. It’s like the Soprano’s finale of music videos.

This one is included because starting at :23 you get to see the blackberry/headphone combo! He must have come straight from the gym!

I should make it known that other than an angry outburst here and there me and Term were friendly. He is actually kind of the man. I would definitely prefer playing with him than against him. He tweets under the moniker @est91term. Follow him if you enjoy lots of retweets from people you don’t know and the occasional conversation with rap heavy weights like Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.


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