I live in Brooklyn with my wife and dogs. I’ve spent my adult life playing pro basketball, doing sales for tech companies, and writing.

I’ve written a lot about personal finance and technology. I also like to write about weirder stuff, like taking cold showers. 

I also write a decent amount on Quora, mostly about my experiences playing basketball overseas, working in Hollywood, and attending Harvard.  A couple of those posts got really popular and now my content there has over 6.5 million views, which is pretty wild. My favorite thing I’ve written there is a story about a high school biology exam gone horribly wrong.


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  1. Okay you are insane and I love your writing lmao. I found your response on Quora to working at an agency and landed here. I’m also from Chicago and did the LA thing. Can’t wait to read more of your blog posts hahaha.

  2. Have you ever thought about younger audiences here? (Such as I.)
    This place is a neat escape from the boredom school creates and the work of creating projects.

  3. this blog is amazing. blogging is an art form as sacred and beautiful as any other type of writing and you nail it drew. reading this thing has caused hours of procrastination, as well as joy, heartbreak, and GUT-WRENCHING laughts. Invite this blog to my wedding please. It has developed into a dear friend.

  4. I came here through your post on quora. You have a wonderful blog and I wish to congratulate you on making my bookmarks, even though you probably have more significant congratulations to tend to in the near future.

  5. Quora sent me here.
    Great answer, positive and motivating. Wishing you the best of everything.

  6. Drew,

    I just started reading your blog yesterday and have already gone through most of your posts. Please keep writing!

  7. hey Drew! my name’s Eran Soroka, an Israeli journalist. I left you a message on Facebook, and also one in your voice mail. Is there a possibility you can contact me?

    my mail is



  8. Congrats on the feature, Drew. Awesome to see your name on there and wishing you all the best – my cousin who played bball at Milken and I still talk about him hearing rumors of your greatness during high school, and I say “hell yeah, I grew up with that kid!” Again, hope you are well and keep being pro.

  9. Hi Drew!
    I admit I only started reading your blog because you’re friends with possibly the most talked about athlete in the Western hemisphere this week. Nonetheless your blog is hysterical, I wish you all the best and how about a career as a writer ?

  10. Hi
    Just started reading your blog and had the greatest laughs i had in months. my wife (immigrated from Columbus, OH) came to check what’s going on and also had some good laughs. so thanks for that.

  11. I also came across the piece on Lin via ESPN. Really enjoyed the read and left impressed by your composure. Do wish you the best and hope to see you back here in the States.

  12. I just read your article in ESPN about Jeremy Lin and was thoroughly impressed by your grace, humility, and wisdom. I wish you much success in chasing your dream.

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