My Night As A Bum

It all began around 10:30 at night, when I decided to get out of my apartment for some fresh air.  I had not left the apartment all day, and figured I would just go to the little park nearby for some stretching and maybe a few jumping exercises.  So I head downstairs, but just as I get to the bottom I realized there were trash bags in the kitchen that I wanted to throw in the dumpster.  I went back upstairs, got the trash, disposed of it outside, and headed over to the park.  I did some stretches, proceeded over to the grass to jump a little, then reached into my pocket to change the song on my ipod.  That is when everything fell apart. Continue reading “My Night As A Bum”

How I Deal With Crippling Boredom

There are certain things you do when boredom overwhelms your spirit, you have already worked out and you’ve tried unsuccessfully to get some shots up because the gym was locked. (Quick aside. Even though I haven’t even started yet. Whatever, I wanted to tell this story and had no where else to fit it in. Sue me.  Also, I don’t know why I use parentheses in situations like this, but it just feels right.  Anyway, it was a Sunday before a Tuesday game and all I wanted to do was get some practice shots up.  I spoke with the manager the practice before, and he assured me that I would have a key waiting for me so I could actually access the gym, because the previous two times I tried to go it was locked.  So I show up, and as I am looking for the key I notice a little girl and woman probably around my age standing at the front door trying to get in.  Sensing something was up that could potentially disrupt my precious alone time in the gym, I found the key and snuck in through the side door.  Thinking I was so slick, I proceeded to start my workout. Continue reading “How I Deal With Crippling Boredom”

The 4 Year War: Drew vs. Coach Fitz Part 2

Basically, all the factors mentioned in the previous post culminated in me and Coach Fitz having our first of 2 epic showdowns.  Before I get to that, there is the little matter of Stacie the trainer to discuss.  The story cannot be complete without understanding that after I would get my body beat up by the strength coach, I would seek solace in the training room in the form of massage, ice baths, etc.  But at one point sophomore year the pain in my knee got to where I had to go to the training room everyday to get electrical stim and ice on my knee.  Despite this, I was never able to get Stacie to stick up for me in my fight to be exempt from heavy squatting.  She was very friendly with Coach Fitz, and was not keen on disagreeing with any of his philosophies.  I am not an expert, all I know is that my knee hurt a lot, and it hurt even more when I did squats.  Stacie would spin all these BS yarns about how I needed to maintain the strength in my leg (like i couldn’t do that other ways) and how squatting wasn’t that bad.  I also found out the hard way that there is no such thing as athlete-trainer confidentiality.  Many things I thought I was saying only to Stacie mysteriously ended up being used against me by Coach Fitz. (Lesson: Just because someone occasionally acts nice and has a hint of a warm southern accent does not mean they will not stab you in the back.) Continue reading “The 4 Year War: Drew vs. Coach Fitz Part 2”

The 4 Year War: Drew vs. Coach Fitz Part 1

Early Freshman year I was introduced to the person who would become the bain of my existence for the duration of my college basketball career.  His name was Coach Fitzgerald, and he had taken over the previous spring as head strength and conditioning coach.  To say he was a stocky 6’1 would not do the man justice.  He was more boulder than man, 250 pounds of barrel chested meathead.  He kept his hair short and his neck shorter. His posture was fit for a man who played high level college football and presumably spent the rest of his years perfecting the deep squat and hang clean. The first experience I ever had with him would prove to be a good foreshadowing of what our relationship would be like for the duration of my basketball career. Continue reading “The 4 Year War: Drew vs. Coach Fitz Part 1”

updates, stories

Last night I went to fill my car up with ridiculously expensive Israeli gasoline, and I ran into the person who coordinates our community service events, which basically entail a few players going to a local school and playing basketball with the kids.  He asked if I would come with him tomorrow to another school, and if I would inform my two other American teammates and tell them to come too.  I immediately knew there was no chance my teammates were going to wake up at 9 in the morning unless explicitly asked by this guy, but I told him I would try.  Lo and behold, I told them both about it, but come the morning neither one was waiting with me to be picked up. Continue reading “updates, stories”

rough first game

Well that went about as bad as it could have gone.  Pretty much the exact opposite of my last real, fully refereed basketball game.  I ended college on a high note, playing well and beating Yale on their home court.  I began my pro career playing poorly a million miles from home, in a gym where the official attendance, as calculated by my careful counting (it didn’t take long), was 35.  35 people! Crazy.  Thank god there were not more, because those that were there got to see one of the worst games I have played in years.  Never have I been happier to not have people I know watching me play.  Before I own up for my miserable performance, let me run through my litany of excuses: Continue reading “rough first game”