Practice Fight, Media Consumption

Practice got a little out of hand today. One guy made a drive to the basket, another guy hit him with a hard foul, and then they got in each others faces. Then, guy #1 had the audacity to put his hands on guy #2’s neck, sort of holding him back, in a gesture that said “im older than you, so you might want to back the F up.” Of course, that sent guy#2 into a frenzy, and fists started flying. I’ve always said that these Israelis get too comfortable putting their hands on and around peoples faces. That kind of thing might send me over the edge too. Continue reading “Practice Fight, Media Consumption”


The Legend of Term

I started playing in pickup games this summer at the local rec center. I don’t usually play there, but I learned that they had good runs in the mornings that ex pros would come to. The competition was pretty good. The run included a few college and overseas guys, some notable ex pros (Mark Jackson, Bryon Russel, Mitch Ritchmond, Cuttino Mobley) and a smattering of randoms to round it out. Among those randoms was a man who only went by the moniker “Term.” Continue reading “The Legend of Term”