Another Trip to the Army Base

I was informed a few weeks ago that I needed to go back to the army base in Haifa.  Apparently the team manager had called the army to check in me and another player to see what our status was. I felt this was unnecessary to begin with.  Why call them before they contact us?  If I’m not on their radar at the moment why make waves?  Maybe they would just forget all about me if I kept a low enough profile.  This strategy worked flawlessly when applied to my relationships with professors in college, so maybe the same thing would work out here. I suppose college professors can’t thrown you into jail and ship you off to die if you don’t participate, so there might be some merit in keeping the army abreast of your whereabouts. Continue reading “Another Trip to the Army Base”

Army Trip and Blender Troubles

For the first time in 9 weeks, I participated in a practice. Despite the fact that my knee didn’t feel 100%, it was still such a relief to be able to run up and down a little.  My inner joy was clearly noticeable, because multiple people told me it was the first time they had seen me smile in months.

Today I was able to do even more, and my knee felt much better.  I cannot describe my happiness in being back on the court.  The last 2 months have been interesting and fun in certain ways, but for the most part being injured has made the whole experience pretty miserable.  I am looking forward to finally putting all that behind me, and the goal is to play in my first game next Tuesday. Continue reading “Army Trip and Blender Troubles”