The Echo Zone

I went into the Echo Zone for a bit while watching practice the other day. I hadn’t been in a while. It was nice to stop by.

I discovered what I would later name the Echo Zone during a particularly long morning practice during my junior year of college. I was on the sideline watching 5 guys do god knows what, probably rehashing zone rotations for the 10th time that day, when I felt a yawn coming on. Continue reading “The Echo Zone”


Thoughts on Conspiracies, Movies and Ants

-We are down 0-1 in our best of 5 final four series against Meggido, our arch nemesis.  This series is more important than the potential finals because the top 2 teams both get to move up to the first division next year.  The two times we met in the regular season they beat us by a combined 50 points.  We were able to stay close the whole game this time, getting as close as 3 with about 3 minutes left.  My game was a little up and down, but I was proud of my effort overall, and I finally found my missing 3 point stroke.  Next game is at home on National TV, so our 500 fans should be rockin and rollin. Continue reading “Thoughts on Conspiracies, Movies and Ants”