Why I’m Leaving Los Angeles for Wisconsin

About a month ago, I decided that I was moving out of Los Angeles. Everyone I’ve told has been surprised. The surprise turns to shock when I say I’m moving to Wisconsin.

The bewilderment stems from the fact that people in LA know the following things about Wisconsin:

1. It’s cold

2. The Green Bay Packers

3. Cheese

4. “Really, do you know how cold it is there?”

5.  Jeffrey Dahmer

You can see how convincing people of Wisconsin’s merits is an uphill battle. I wouldn’t move there if I thought all I’d be doing is shivering in my apartment, watching football, pounding string cheese and keeping an eye out for serial killers.

But, even if it wasn’t Wisconsin, I’d still be moving. So before I extol the virtues of the midwest, I’ll talk about why I’m leaving in the first place.

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musings on dishsoap

I just noticed that my dish soap says it is has the scent of “Green Tea and Melissa.” Come again? Melissa?? What the hell is Melissa? So I had to consult Wikipedia. Apparently it is some sort of lemony minty plant.  Boring.  It would be way cooler if the soap was supposed to smell like another Melissa, the woman from Greek mythology who “raised the infant Zeus in Crete, nursing him with goat’s milk and honey.”  The label could have a burly lady in viking hat cradling baby Zeus in one arm and squeezing a goats udder with the other. Maybe I should take this issue up with Hepi, the maker of my soap.  Continue reading “musings on dishsoap”