Term Update

I finally went back and looked through the comments on my first Term post. Two people posted music videos asking if the Term I was talking about was the one in the video. I didn’t even bother looking at them. I assumed there was no way Term was a rapper. I just couldn’t see it.

Well, lo and behold, Term is an aspiring hip hop artist. He goes by ‘El Jefe.’ I had to look that up to see it was spanish for The Boss. Kind of apropos that he would go with a Rick Ross esque name after clearly being inspired by the Boss’ beard. Continue reading “Term Update”

Some Bitter, Injury Induced Bitching

Another funny story about my roommate to kick things off, this one pertaining to his continued terrible taste in music and unintentionally comedic ways.We were on a ride out to Haifa, and since I was the one driving I figured I would pick the music.  I put on Only Built for CubanLinx , a classic rap album.

My music consumption has gone way down since I have been out here, where I am without fast Internet and my nice speakers, so I was thoroughly enjoying the chance to listen to some decent music for once while we drove.  As to be expected, about 4 songs in he abruptly turned off  the cd player, stating that he “could not listen to it anymore” and that “he was past the phase in his life” where he listened to this type of music. Continue reading “Some Bitter, Injury Induced Bitching”