Standardize Basketballs! (The Rock Sucks)

I was at a workout the other day and noticed that a recent high school graduate was shooting with a strange looking ball. It had a completely different color, texture, and weight than the Nike ball I was using. It was darker, rougher, and harder.

It was made by Under Armour. Apparently the school this guy is attending uses those balls exclusively. I couldn’t believe it. Not only was I unaware that Under Armour even made basketballs, I was shocked that they had the audacity to trot out what I consider an obviously sub-par product.  Unless you are 100% defensive minded, I am pretty sure you prefer a ball with some give and cushion to it. A relatively soft, slightly sticky ball is easier to handle and allows you a little more leeway with your shots that hit the rim. By making a tough, unforgiving ball, Under Armour essentially ignored all the traditional qualities that people seek out in a college ball. It had the look and feel of something a Middle School team would use when if were forced to practice outside. Stick to cleats, Under Armour.

Seeing Under Armour’s poorly made, make-James Naismith-Roll-Over-In-His-Grave ball reminded me of the least favorite basketball I have ever used.

This guy:

worst ball ever
Lots of bad memories coming back right now.

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Game/My Apartment

I have had a resurgence the past month and actually resemble a real basketball player at this point.  I have averaged 16 and 4 the past 3 games and we picked up 2 crucial wins.  The most recent game was especially fun because the crowd was really into it.  It was tight pretty much the whole way and featured a few memorable moments.  The first came in the 3rd quarter after we had finally built up a little momentum and seized a 2 point lead.  Then they came down and our big guy got called for a foul.  This guy is pretty much the Rasheed Wallace of the league.  He definitely has accumulated enough techs and pissed off enough refs to become a target for their calls.  As I have noted before the refs here are remarkably awful, but the disrespect our big man shows is still over the top. Continue reading “Game/My Apartment”

rough first game

Well that went about as bad as it could have gone.  Pretty much the exact opposite of my last real, fully refereed basketball game.  I ended college on a high note, playing well and beating Yale on their home court.  I began my pro career playing poorly a million miles from home, in a gym where the official attendance, as calculated by my careful counting (it didn’t take long), was 35.  35 people! Crazy.  Thank god there were not more, because those that were there got to see one of the worst games I have played in years.  Never have I been happier to not have people I know watching me play.  Before I own up for my miserable performance, let me run through my litany of excuses: Continue reading “rough first game”