The 4 Year War: Drew vs. Coach Fitz Part 1

Early Freshman year I was introduced to the person who would become the bain of my existence for the duration of my college basketball career.  His name was Coach Fitzgerald, and he had taken over the previous spring as head strength and conditioning coach.  To say he was a stocky 6’1 would not do the man justice.  He was more boulder than man, 250 pounds of barrel chested meathead.  He kept his hair short and his neck shorter. His posture was fit for a man who played high level college football and presumably spent the rest of his years perfecting the deep squat and hang clean. The first experience I ever had with him would prove to be a good foreshadowing of what our relationship would be like for the duration of my basketball career. Continue reading “The 4 Year War: Drew vs. Coach Fitz Part 1”