Philly Airport

I had a layover in the Philadelphia airport on my flight back home. My terminal featured no fewer than 8 strategically placed TV’s that played a Philadelphia infomercial every 3 minutes or so. It’s volume was offensively loud. I imagine someone high up in the airports marketing department pitching this: “Sitting down and zoning out out in front of the terminal is going the way of the dodo. My research shows we will get people to waste money at our dumpy little shops if we bombard them with an obnoxious advertisement. The key is that the we play it at decibels that pierce even the best headphone technology. People will never resent us for the shameless self promotion. It’s a no brainer!”

Make a corny, over produced, questionably factual, transparent cry for attention if you must, but don’t replay it every 3 minutes. There needs to be some sort of Geneva Convention type thing to establish protocols for the humanitarian treatment of airport travelers. If that came to be then this commercial would certainly be found in violation of everything that is decent and the creators would be punished appropriately.

Keep in mind that there were TV’s placed all throughout the terminal, so there was no way to escape the audio-visual bludgeoning other than to hide in the bathroom. Here’s my breakdown: Continue reading “Philly Airport”

Playoff Update/ Book Reviews

We advanced to the final four. I played the second game of the first round series with a mask on. It was terrible. I was happy that the team gave me anything, but trust me that this mask was not meant to be worn during basketball games. It has these pads all over it that kill my peripheral vision. I felt like I was playing with glaucoma. Surprisingly, the most noticeable affect was on my ball handling. I never realized how much I actually rely on my peripheral vision when dribbling. Probably something I should work on.

I was so ineffective that game that I decided to chuck the mask for our first game against Yavne. My nose is still sore, and if I caught an elbow I would be down for the count, but I figured the chances of that happening twice in 4 games was slim. Not the best logic, but I’m trying to win a championship here, ya feel me.

I got a little nervous during the pre game introductions. I saw one of their players whispering to their assistant coach, and they both started staring at me. This team is notorious for hard fouls and tough defense, and I was praying they weren’t concocting a plot to “accidentally” hit me in the face. Continue reading “Playoff Update/ Book Reviews”

Back on the Court, Thoughts on My Lamp

I am back! I made the decision to fly home and rehab my foot. I think it was a wise choice. I might have gone crazy fighting with the trainers out here when they insisted I do squats and leg presses.

I got back to Israel last Tuesday, and played that night. I didn’t feel 100 percent, but at least there was no pain in my foot. I played 18 solid minutes and came through with some clutch free throws in the last 30 seconds. I hit 3 out of 4 to help seal it, but a teammate still told me that I had let him down, because “white boys ain’t supposed to miss free throws.” A fair point.

Our team is going to be on TV tomorrow, 7:30 in Israel, 9:30 AM PST. You should be able to watch it if you go to this site and click on the basketball looking things:

Now it’s time to analyze what is written on the side of the box that my lamp came in. Continue reading “Back on the Court, Thoughts on My Lamp”