The Rule

Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback. I will try to post more often to satisfy my slightly increased reader base. To kick things off here are some thoughts on race and basketball, featuring more Jeremy Lin talk! But, I refuse to use any more Lin puns. This thing has flown off the rails. I saw a sign at tonight’s game that said “Lindemonioum” and I could only shake my head.

Jeremy’s race is obviously a talking point. No Asian American has ever done what he is doing. He has had to deal with all kinds of unfair stereotyping. I remember subtle racism from a waitress in Vermont. We were eating our pregame meal and the waitress was going around asking for our choice of main dish and a side. Jeremy got through picking his steak, but before he could name his side the waitress interrupted with “don’t worry, I know you are getting the rice!” She was dead serious. Jeremy was always good-natured about these things. We laughed about it a bit and then kept the conversation moving, but I am sure it had to bother him a little. Continue reading “The Rule”