How I Deal With Crippling Boredom

There are certain things you do when boredom overwhelms your spirit, you have already worked out and you’ve tried unsuccessfully to get some shots up because the gym was locked. (Quick aside. Even though I haven’t even started yet. Whatever, I wanted to tell this story and had no where else to fit it in. Sue me.  Also, I don’t know why I use parentheses in situations like this, but it just feels right.  Anyway, it was a Sunday before a Tuesday game and all I wanted to do was get some practice shots up.  I spoke with the manager the practice before, and he assured me that I would have a key waiting for me so I could actually access the gym, because the previous two times I tried to go it was locked.  So I show up, and as I am looking for the key I notice a little girl and woman probably around my age standing at the front door trying to get in.  Sensing something was up that could potentially disrupt my precious alone time in the gym, I found the key and snuck in through the side door.  Thinking I was so slick, I proceeded to start my workout. Continue reading “How I Deal With Crippling Boredom”