Dorm Stories: The Fruit Flies Make Their Play for Total Domination

I am not sure about the exact time frame for this incident, all I know is that it happened sometime during sophomore year.  That was the year that I lived in a 7 man split level suite with 6 people living downstairs and one in an upstairs bedroom.  The suite had an extra, windowless room situated in the middle of the 6 downstairs bedrooms.  At the beginning of the year one of the dominant topics of conversation amidst me and my roommates was what to do with this extra room.  There was talk of making it a video game haven or a comfortable reading area.  Unsurprisingly, what it ended up becoming was a mass storage/trash room.  And by “storage,” I mean throwing anything in there that happened to be in the way.  Eventually the trash disposal part of the room extended to the unused closets across the hall.  These closets became the dumping ground of choice out of some combination of convenience and maintaining a shred of decency by not wanting to put all our trash amidst our stored items. Continue reading “Dorm Stories: The Fruit Flies Make Their Play for Total Domination”