The bad, the good, and the peacock

We lost the opening game of the finals in dramatic fashion. We were up big in the 4th and blew it at the end. I was invisible offensively and had a costly turnover with under a minute left. Then to top it off I broke my glass water bottle in the locker room. This is the same locker room where I broke the screen of my phone earlier in the year. I need to be very careful of what I bring to that cursed place next game.

I was thinking that night, “I wish there was something I could take to rid myself of this horrible, sinking, aching gloominess.” It gave me a better understanding of how people get hooked on pain killers. Thankfully I didn’t have any narcotics handy. I had to deal with the hurt the old-fashioned way, which for me involves staying on the internet until I literally can’t keep my eyes open and then falling asleep before the negative thoughts can overwhelm me. Continue reading “The bad, the good, and the peacock”


Some Updates

Basketball- Things are slowly changing for the better.  I reclaimed my starting spot this past week, and have been making a real effort to be more aggressive.  I’m working out all the time, my body feels good and my shot feels good, so I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time before I have a breakout game.  Our one game a week schedule is inching along, and we are currently in 5th place.  Playoffs start in April. The top 8 make the playoffs, and the top 2 from that have the opportunity to move up to the first division next year.  In related news, during a crucial timeout last game my coach got fed up with our softness, and erupted with this: “There eeiz a goood hospital very close!!!  PUT DEM ON THA FLOOR!” I think he was dead serious. Continue reading “Some Updates”

updates, stories

Last night I went to fill my car up with ridiculously expensive Israeli gasoline, and I ran into the person who coordinates our community service events, which basically entail a few players going to a local school and playing basketball with the kids.  He asked if I would come with him tomorrow to another school, and if I would inform my two other American teammates and tell them to come too.  I immediately knew there was no chance my teammates were going to wake up at 9 in the morning unless explicitly asked by this guy, but I told him I would try.  Lo and behold, I told them both about it, but come the morning neither one was waiting with me to be picked up. Continue reading “updates, stories”

How I Incited a Brawl

Quick game update: We lost our first game by 1 and our second by about 20. I did not participate in either.  My knee is not progressing as me or anyone had hoped it would, and I should be getting an MRI sometime this week.

On to the story of what happened today in practice.  Because I have nothing to do at practice I get to do exciting tasks such as keeping score or tracking fouls. Generally I just stand there bored out of my mind and shoot during breaks. Today was a different story. Continue reading “How I Incited a Brawl”