Trip to the North

It is well-known that outside of basketball I live an extremely lazy life out here. To accomodate this life I went through great pains to black out my room by thumbtacking clothes over the window. With the complete blackness and the use of earplugs (so as to not hear the moaning, dying cats or the buzzing fridge) I can, and do, sleep uninterrupted for 10-12 hours a night.  It’s pretty awesome.  Except when you almost sleep through a pre-season game.  That’s when the plan backfires. Continue reading “Trip to the North”


Trip to Jerusalem/ Update

I think it was the 4th day of my dad’s trip that we slated as our day to spend in Jerusalem.  Our sightseeing up to that point had consisted of seeing the Bahai Gardens in Haifa.  Unless you count looking out the window on the drive from the airport as a cultural experience, my dad and I had not accomplished much in terms of seeing this ancient, famous country.  Thus, that Sunday we woke up early and headed off for the Holy City. Continue reading “Trip to Jerusalem/ Update”

trip to the MRI


Instead of being able to play in my first game I had to use the map seen above to get myself to the MRI center at Rambam Hospital.  It was drawn by one of the managers minutes before I left.  Armed with those not-quite mapquest worthy dircetions and zero hebrew skills, it was bound to be an adventure.  I asked before I left: “Well, if I get lost, I can call you right?” He gave a non-reassuring “Well, I will be at the game so I hope I hear my phone.” Fantastic.  Somehow, getting to the hospital itself was not that bad.  The one wrong turn I made was easily corrected.  But, the drive turned out to be the least of my troubles. Continue reading “trip to the MRI”