Walking in Groups

I watched a couple of episodes of this show House of Lies, and it got me thinking about something. There are four main characters. The show is chock full of scenes that feature all four people walking. They stroll through the airport, the company hallways, the street, wherever. You get the point. The thing is, they somehow always find a way to walk side by side by side by side. Four people across.

In all my walking experience I have yet to find a way to walk comfortably three people abreast. The real world presents too many obstacles for this to happen. Walkways can be narrow, packed and hard to navigate. Oftentimes nimble movements are required. Continue reading “Walking in Groups”


Thoughts on Conspiracies, Movies and Ants

-We are down 0-1 in our best of 5 final four series against Meggido, our arch nemesis.  This series is more important than the potential finals because the top 2 teams both get to move up to the first division next year.  The two times we met in the regular season they beat us by a combined 50 points.  We were able to stay close the whole game this time, getting as close as 3 with about 3 minutes left.  My game was a little up and down, but I was proud of my effort overall, and I finally found my missing 3 point stroke.  Next game is at home on National TV, so our 500 fans should be rockin and rollin. Continue reading “Thoughts on Conspiracies, Movies and Ants”

Some Updates

Basketball- Things are slowly changing for the better.  I reclaimed my starting spot this past week, and have been making a real effort to be more aggressive.  I’m working out all the time, my body feels good and my shot feels good, so I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time before I have a breakout game.  Our one game a week schedule is inching along, and we are currently in 5th place.  Playoffs start in April. The top 8 make the playoffs, and the top 2 from that have the opportunity to move up to the first division next year.  In related news, during a crucial timeout last game my coach got fed up with our softness, and erupted with this: “There eeiz a goood hospital very close!!!  PUT DEM ON THA FLOOR!” I think he was dead serious. Continue reading “Some Updates”

Dorm Stories: The Fruit Flies Make Their Play for Total Domination

I am not sure about the exact time frame for this incident, all I know is that it happened sometime during sophomore year.  That was the year that I lived in a 7 man split level suite with 6 people living downstairs and one in an upstairs bedroom.  The suite had an extra, windowless room situated in the middle of the 6 downstairs bedrooms.  At the beginning of the year one of the dominant topics of conversation amidst me and my roommates was what to do with this extra room.  There was talk of making it a video game haven or a comfortable reading area.  Unsurprisingly, what it ended up becoming was a mass storage/trash room.  And by “storage,” I mean throwing anything in there that happened to be in the way.  Eventually the trash disposal part of the room extended to the unused closets across the hall.  These closets became the dumping ground of choice out of some combination of convenience and maintaining a shred of decency by not wanting to put all our trash amidst our stored items. Continue reading “Dorm Stories: The Fruit Flies Make Their Play for Total Domination”

Harvard Dining Halls

Because everyone lives on campus and has a meal plan, a significant chunk of an undergrads life is spent in one of the many dining halls sprinkled around campus.  The meals become a time for relaxing, catching up with friends, and finding things to make fun of.

Every freshman generally eats at Annenberg, the cafeteria with the best location that only first years are allowed to use. It is the largest and most picturesque of all the dining halls.  Too bad it was also the noisiest, had the longest lines and served the worst food. If you came during peak lunch hours there would be a line wrapped around the building.  It advanced painfully slow, because the security to this place was like god damn Fort Knox.  The staff was absolutely petrified that an upperclassmen was trying to sneak in, as if it was every older students dream to relive their freshman glory, one bite of runny eggs at a time.  In contrast, if someone wanted to rob a dorm room, really all it takes is someone smart enough to slide their foot into the door of the building as someone exits. There is one old, tired guard handling dorm security. But, try and sneak into Annenberg, even just to get a glimpse of the decor, and 15 workers are sprinting at you like you breached the pentagon. Continue reading “Harvard Dining Halls”