10 thoughts on “Behavioral Economics and Clutch Performances”

  1. Lev Hash.- I did Aaliyah, came out here and my agent took me around to a bunch of different teams to workout for..I worked out with Haifa for coach Offer I think his name was..he told my agent I remind him of Drew Housman which was hilarious to me because I knew who you were because of the blogs..so my agent was telling all these teams around Israel that Offer compared me to you lol

    things didn’t workout for a bunch of teams because of money situations, rosters were set, and other things (you know how it is I’m sure) and I hooked on here..it’s cool though, I’m just glad someone took me and I can play ball over here.

  2. man I’ve been reading your blogs since I was a freshman in college with my dream of playing over in Israel..this is my first year out of school and I made it over here..things happen to me almost everyday where I think back to one of your blogs..it’s really another world out here as far as the basketball, the way people act, how these teams operate..you were dead on…it was good having an idea of how things work going into it, but I didn’t expect it to be AS realistic as how you portrayed it

    1. Haha, that’s interesting that people would read all this and think I am just exaggerating everything. Crazy stuff goes down out there!

      That’s awesome you are playing, what team are you with?

  3. Without knowing the complete circumstances of that last play, it seems like you made the high percentage play by driving (even if you had created enough space with the crossover to shoot the long range jumper, the defender’s hand would’ve likely been in your face). Not to nitpick, but did your open teammate shift over to create a passing lane after his defender rotated over to you?

    1. Ha, thanks for the pick me up. The guy didn’t have to shift anywhere, he was wide open where he stood. Maybe he could have made the pass slightly easier, but not by much.

  4. Happy Xmas. I´m from Brazil and get here from the ESPN basketball page. You need to change your agent man… There is some good leagues out there, better than D-League maybe, like Brazilian League (NBB) and Argentina National League… In Venezuela and Mexico they also have good leagues man. Some players are not so smart and for sure doesn’t have the numbers you got @ Harvard. Also there are minor leagues like Uruguay National League and Torneo Metropolitano (Uruguay second division) and DiMenor (Chile first division). It’s impossible that you don’t get a good deal over there, major ones or minor ones. And there is some serious money in those leagues…

    My gmail is out there filled, with you need help… It’s serious man, your blog is funny but you are a ball player. It’s time for you to blog this funny things playing out there…

  5. I remember when you were 11 years old hitting a half court shot as time expired to send a city semi final playoff game into overtime. Does that count?
    Glenn Malkin

    1. Hey Glenn! Good call, I should have mentioned that shot. Big moment in my development. What a fun game.

      I focused on the negatives here to make a point, but there are definitely many clutch moments that I remember fondly. Hope all is well!

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